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Teen Skipper: Another evaluation

Well first: LOVE the new Bratz, but I've already discussed them elsewhere, but will do a full once Yasmin and Sasha are revealed, ok?

Anyway, Since I seem to make-up my mind on Skipper, I'm going more in depth with all of them:

Wave 1: 'Teen'


I find myself not waffling on these, though I do like some particular doll more than others. Maybe it's variances but it's probably just my head. I like them, but they are not the top of the list. I do like this Nikki best of the ones released.

Pearl Beach Skipper:

As I've learned via flickr, she was a late addition. I'm.... Rh. Her make-up is too washed out IRL:


but her streaked hair is cute!

Extreme Green Teen Skipper:

She was themed with a Barbie dressed similarly in blue. She gets points for green nails, but loses them for the half sweater with overalls. I'm not sure if that's just 90s fashion or bad style but ick! Especially considering.....

Cool Sitter Skipper:

Okay, hands down the BEST Skipper dressed in box. I'm in love with how responsible she looks. This looks like my Idealized pre-law skipper, but babysitting? really.

Not to mention pre re-vamp there was a younger baby sitter skipper, who I favor because all that a teen that young can do babysit. THat said, I'm not sure how else they would've had her work though I'd love her with toddlers. Her streaked hair is cute, but she is hard to come by and something about her face-up is not my cup of tea.

Florida Vacation Skipper:

Let me just say, as a floridian: LMAO!!!

But she's cute enough really. I like her eye shadow & lipstick colors at least.

(Totally!) YoYo Skipper, Courtney & Nikki:

I have her coming in, so we'll see. I might like her since she's the one I most associate with the line as a whole. Skipper is my favorite though I would love to see Courtney with her hair down and I love that she got the bunny! Nikki is rarer, but not my favorite of the three, though if I get Courtney, I'll definitely get her too. I also like that they all had different dresses/dress straps and you've got to give them credit for jumping on the anime themed items before anyone else. I think she's not 'the' Skipper, but she'll stick probably.

Pajama Fun Skipper, Courtney & Nikki:

Pass on the dolls, but love the fashions and accessories. This was such a lovely detailed line.

Hawaii Skipper:

The bikini's nice & sporty a pass on the doll though. I'd love that bikini for a sportier character however.

'Let's drive':

The rest of that sentence is 'To a place where this does something for me.' Next!

Fashion party Skipper, Courtney & Nikki:

This is the last full Teen Skipper line apparently. Well, I wouldn't go out of my way for them, but they are cute enough. Courtney is the best in this line though.

Palm Beach Skipper:

I think this is the girl to wear the blue dress. I like both her make-up and her bangs. She seems really sweet, though I wouldn't hesitate to rebody her to a doll without a perma top. could prove problematic for some fashions.

Hmm....I might get her!

Skipper as Velma:

Well first, let me say that Velma shou obviously have a bubblevut instead of this monstrosity hairstyle. they are ALWAYS trying to mess with her! Second, why does she come with scooby when everyone knows that he's shaggy's dog? in any case, the face is nice, but she needs a re-root desperately.

Rio De Janero Skipper:

AKA The skipper i just sent away to Lori. She's lovely but not for me.

Last of the taller skippers is Pajama Tote skipper:

I dislike her hair, but her face is nice, I guess.

Finally, the most recent Skipper, camping Family:

First, for all intents and purposes, this should be stacie instead, and to me she is. She's lovely really and that head size is better proportioned to the smaller body, but I wish I could see her on a tall body better.

So, there you have it. After owning then giving up Rio, I'm trying out Yoyo and possibly Palm Beach. I have the blue dress coming in and I need someone to wear it since odds are it doesn't fit Tori. I'll keep you posted as always!

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