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SIS hits the beach! just in time for......winter?

so, the latest SIS line has been unveiled and it's called 'Stylin Beads', and as usual, I have a few thoughts:

picture source - http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MTP6913C

1. Talk about bad timing! Why were these not summer released and the rocawears would've been perfect for winter instead. They are not dressed for a chicago winter! They are, however, dressed for a floridian one, so while for her its cute as a winter line, for most places it will make no sense. and story-wise, how'd they make it south for the winter? Wtih what money?

2. Not even elbow articulation or even posed arms! heh.

3. Matching two piece boy short suits. I wish the younger girls had one pieces!

4. Trichelle gets a gold star for yet another new hairstyle! She's the only one I'm buying. My Trichelle has a more well off family so inviting her little sister on a holiday vacation might make more sense. maybe.

5. All straight hair. it makes sense in the gimmick sense, but girls wiht curly hair like beads too!

6. As evidenced, we only have a core 3 and Chandra is an only sometimes friend.

7. Thank goodness Kara looks cute! After two bad rocawear dolls & a no show in the two doll sets, she's back on her game. She has my second favorite suit. And Grace is.....well, Grace : cute, but BORING. Pass.

So: Tell me what you think! Overall, I love them! But there's always room for improovement! keep it going Stacey!
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