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New Bratz: OUT!!!!!



So, new Bratz are officially out. No sashas sighted :/ Also: the person taking photos warned of quality control issues, so if you see them look out for that. Not to mention that the 2 sightings were at grand openings of Targets, so that's also a factor. Still, I'd already planned on trekking anyway today, so this is more motivation!

Oh, and of course PHOEBE & ROXXI!!!!! I love that they switched up the bangs on them, and that they are the first extra characters. I might want them the most after Party Jade & Sasha and maybe Basic Sasha. Roxxi's dress is a bit too similar to Party Cloe's from this angle though :/ Nor are the twins articulated. And no hats either? Heh.

But the party dolls sure have theirs!

I never though I'd be seriously excited for the new Bratz, but I AM! Crossing my fingers to see them, but I didn't expect to when I was going to trek today, so I won't hold my breath ;3
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