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Thoughts on: 2010 Party Bratz

I'd been waiting for the 2nd outfits of the first new bratz line before commenting on that one, but the bratz.com website only updated with the Party dolls full stock, so, we'll go with those instead, Complete with a composite picture:

For some reason, they put Cloe in her alternate outfit for her promo shot, so see this for her original dress-


My feelings about the primary outfits stand, so I'll just comment on the secondary ones & accessories:

Cloe: First - hello red streak! It's neat, but blonde never lends itself well to streaks in doll hair. well, not usually. The second outfit is just ok though. It seems very Miley Cyrus though.

Jade: The Sneaker boots are a repeat :/ But those tights would likely look better with the second outfit as socks. Yeah, those boots need socks. I'd just use my princess Jade ones if I could find them. I like the second outfit though. a LOT. And it's the return of the hair streak! she's a must. and those robot earrings! awesome.

Sasha: I like everything but the hair color. the darker was MUCH better on her. I do like her earrings with her name on them though. She's a maybe, as I want to CHOP that hair. That, or give the outfit to my Cheerleader Sasha. hmm....

Yasmin: I'm interested in how the second outfit looks worn. She looks really nice though!

I think Bratz have stepped it up for sure, as these ones are supposed to have articulation too. I'm excited to see final products! What do you guys think?
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