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incoming, outgoing, ETC


Yoyo Skipper MIB (but not for long after!)
The Blue 'Clueless' dress from amazon (which amazingly has started poping up in ridiculuos supply NOW. FFS!)
Secret Spells Kayla outfit

Hopefully all of these will be here by tuesday. I've been waiting!

Superstar 2010 & Top Model Barbie
Possibly some bratz heads. What's the best shipping to france that isn't an arm and a leg!?! of all the times for Lori to be unreachable......

all of my listings are here:


I'm likely keeping Tori though.

Possible purchases:

just for the LULz, but she also has my favorite song of the three offered. That said: wouldn't this be a better gimmick for the teen skipper brigade? What next: Justin Beiber Barbie? (which, ironically, would be strangely appropriate X3) Also: BSB didn't have this! SUCK IT! XD

Also, I still want a 2nd TJ. Hmm....

The SO In Style 2 doll sets are also out, as are the Monster High dolls. excited!

But those are purchases for payday.

Hmm....nothing else I can think of besides those.

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