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Teen Skipper: Why don't I love thee?

Okay, so I'm having an issue with my pursuit with Teen Skipper. mainly? That I can't really find one I like. Maybe I'm being ambivalent or overly analytical, but none of them really jump to me like I'd want. Is it... I don't know! I think I look at them in their non stock and I... I'm not sure.

It's odd. I really want to like her, but can't for some reason. The one that I keep coming back to is Yoyo though, with the original not too far behind. Actually, the only ones I out and out love are those, while the Yoyo Dolls are what I consider to be the quintessential Teen Skipper. I definitely remember her clearly: that dress and yoyo action.

The commercial won me over too:

With that cheesey goodness, can you blame me?

Actually, those two are on par with each other, so I'm going to take a chance on Yoyo:


And if I can like her, then I'll get original too, although I saw a really nicely priced one so I might go for her anyway.

Hmm.....Stay tuned!
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