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SIS hits the beach! just in time for......winter? [07 Oct 2010|10:29pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

so, the latest SIS line has been unveiled and it's called 'Stylin Beads', and as usual, I have a few thoughts:

You better be heading south for the winter!Collapse )

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Bratz math: Shira [27 Sep 2010|10:06pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Nevra minus hair quality divided by equally hot outfit & accessories = Shira

WOWZA. I actually saw her in person yesterday (I think I saw all of them yesterday actually. At K-mart of all places!) and she if any of them is FLAWLESS. Lovely face, very Nevra like look and great pieces. She rocks, truly and I will be back for her come payday. well, hopefully. something more important has just showed on the horizon. but she's awesome.

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Bratz math: Carrie [24 Sep 2010|06:50pm]


Magic hair color Leah plus Peyton's face minus either great outfit plus a GOD AWFUL outfit = Carrie

The sneaker boots are cute in this color tho. NO DEAL. I'd much rather spend time getting Peyton out of storage instead.

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Bratz math: Tyla [22 Sep 2010|08:32pm]


Princess Jade minus high quality hair & bangs plus a darker lipshade minus cute clothes divided by cute, but SEVERLY mitch-matched shoes = Tyla

The doll herself is GORGEOUS, but I wish she was a head gamez head instead of a $10 doll. She'd be a definite in ashby's clothes, but in her own ugly stock, IDK. maybe. the pieces migh be cute seperated, right?
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Bratz math: Ashby [20 Sep 2010|01:29pm]


Dynamite Nevra minus hair quality, cool accessories & unique shoes divided by an equally cool outfit = Ashby

Her outfit is really nice for $10. Besides that though, heh. I can only imagine how bad the hair will be though. Still, it's nice to see a nevra equivalent and for you Aubrey fans, new clothes! I wish it matched though.
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New Bratz: New characters [12 Sep 2010|12:56am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

blah blah blah, I don't update as much here, but if you follow my flickr, I do!

Anyway, 5 of the new characters are revealed via ebay -


let's break it down.

*All of them are slim packed basics
*Each has an odd nickname
* Each comes with a poster.

Said poster on flickr:


Of the names, I like Shira &Shadi, both of which actually mean singing in either hebrew (Shira) or Arabi (Shadi, allthough it's a masculine name in that language.It's feminine in persian language, but means 'happiness')

From most to least favorite:

Joelle -


She seems to me to be a relative of Krysta & Lela. I love her outfit 100%

Shadi -


A close second! Her outfit intrigues me. She does seem like an adventurer maybe. In any case, cute!

Leora -


Why not just 'sizzle'? singular, less stupid, etc. Heh. She got the top from promo talking Cloe's doll, so I'm interested for that alone.

Liliana -


Oh look, that odd moxie dress. reverse recycling! I like her & the other about equal, which is not at all, but she's less hideous

Lydia -


What's that odd fuzzy part in front? DX best nickname after 'sunshine' but the only place she'd be up all night in that outfit is maybe the gym.


So, I'll pick up the first two maybe after I get DotD on lock. but we'll see!


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In case you care still [01 Aug 2010|05:59pm]

Basic Sasha is out:


Heh. Where's Lori's 'unimpressed Brittany' icon when you need it?
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FINALLY - Vintage Vinyl DGs hit ebay [30 Jul 2010|05:46pm]

[ mood | chipper ]



Gavin is a purchase upon payday. LAHV LAHV LAHV







My prinions on the rest stay the same however. That said though, Rufus has grown on me - not enough to purchase, but I don't hate- while the others are cute, but mostly because of their clothes, and I don't like how in the picture Sooki looks all washed out. Heh.

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2010 Phoebe & Roxxi [26 Jul 2010|10:07pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]


We've already seen an above shot of them, but here's the official promo. Let's get the cons out right away:

Cons -

* At first glance, Roxxi's dress is basically Neveah's reworked:

It isn't but it looks TOO similar. And has a bogus sweater attached!

* Yet more of the ever-present tights. WHY!?!

* The illustrations for them include hats. Heh.

Pros -

*Everything else!

Phoebe's dress is FANTASTIC and really seems to suit her. Aside from the tights, her whole look is perfect. I like Roxxi's shoes at least and the bangs on her are really nice. She just needs new clothes really.

I'm wary of the party dolls, but really hopeful about these!

ETA: Just noticed the brown instead of dark red. heh Yet another con! Still though: want.
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Play with MY emotions? You gets NO devotion [23 Jul 2010|02:06pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]


.....Yeah, NO dice. I refuse to buy her and cut her hair. REFUSE. and I hate her peroxide streaks as well. Let's just see if the party dolls are better. But mostly, I'm annoyed because when I mentioned how I disliked the new look on their wall, they pretended that they would take my comment seriously. Change it if you want, but don't pretend to care about feedback and then ignore it.


I still kind've like Jade though, and Cloe looks better. But Sasha is just THE biggest disappointment.

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SCREW BRATZ: MONSTER HIGH BABY! [22 Jul 2010|11:28am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Yeah, sorry New bratz:


Ghoulia & Holt and the DotD dolls are WAY more important. I want all of them as soon as possible. I'm head over heels in love with this line/brand, officially! I bought Cleo & Deuce yesterday and might go back for Lagoona & Ula tomorrow, though I really should pace myself TBQH and get that re-root for TJ like I want. But yeah: MONSTER HIGH BABY!

Bonus: please check out my Twisted Monster High Theater (TMHT) episode at monster_high. I swear, I post and post and get NO replies. I don't post solely for that reason, but a boy does have feeling, you know?

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New Bratz: OUT!!!!! [21 Jul 2010|08:41am]

[ mood | chipper ]



So, new Bratz are officially out. No sashas sighted :/ Also: the person taking photos warned of quality control issues, so if you see them look out for that. Not to mention that the 2 sightings were at grand openings of Targets, so that's also a factor. Still, I'd already planned on trekking anyway today, so this is more motivation!

Oh, and of course PHOEBE & ROXXI!!!!! I love that they switched up the bangs on them, and that they are the first extra characters. I might want them the most after Party Jade & Sasha and maybe Basic Sasha. Roxxi's dress is a bit too similar to Party Cloe's from this angle though :/ Nor are the twins articulated. And no hats either? Heh.

But the party dolls sure have theirs!

I never though I'd be seriously excited for the new Bratz, but I AM! Crossing my fingers to see them, but I didn't expect to when I was going to trek today, so I won't hold my breath ;3

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Nikki [20 Jul 2010|02:41pm]

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Thoughts on: 2010 Party Bratz [13 Jul 2010|07:12pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I'd been waiting for the 2nd outfits of the first new bratz line before commenting on that one, but the bratz.com website only updated with the Party dolls full stock, so, we'll go with those instead, Complete with a composite picture:

The big picture! got a big. white. cloud.......Collapse )

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blah blah blah sales post [12 Jul 2010|02:16pm]

I've been busy, yes. But there are up to date pictures on flickr! ;3

Also, I'm trying to make some sales:


If you want something, leave a comment & I'll make you some deals. Cross your fingers!

But I need room for more monster high, to make some money, and to get an iCoffin much sooner ;3

thanks for looking!
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Arrival! [14 Jun 2010|06:07pm]



Yoyo Skipper is finally here! so is my Cher dress! I'm so excited. I also have a lot of picture updates on now. God bless pro accounts! This Skipper might be my favorite Teen edition EVER! it might be the nostalgia factor. In any case, she's been rebodied and I'm LOVING it!
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incoming, outgoing, ETC [13 Jun 2010|07:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]


Yoyo Skipper MIB (but not for long after!)
The Blue 'Clueless' dress from amazon (which amazingly has started poping up in ridiculuos supply NOW. FFS!)
Secret Spells Kayla outfit

Hopefully all of these will be here by tuesday. I've been waiting!

Superstar 2010 & Top Model Barbie
Possibly some bratz heads. What's the best shipping to france that isn't an arm and a leg!?! of all the times for Lori to be unreachable......

all of my listings are here:


I'm likely keeping Tori though.

Possible purchases:

just for the LULz, but she also has my favorite song of the three offered. That said: wouldn't this be a better gimmick for the teen skipper brigade? What next: Justin Beiber Barbie? (which, ironically, would be strangely appropriate X3) Also: BSB didn't have this! SUCK IT! XD

Also, I still want a 2nd TJ. Hmm....

The SO In Style 2 doll sets are also out, as are the Monster High dolls. excited!

But those are purchases for payday.

Hmm....nothing else I can think of besides those.


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Teen Skipper: Another evaluation [09 Jun 2010|08:34pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Well first: LOVE the new Bratz, but I've already discussed them elsewhere, but will do a full once Yasmin and Sasha are revealed, ok?

Anyway, Since I seem to make-up my mind on Skipper, I'm going more in depth with all of them:

2009 included, but only by technicalityCollapse )

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Teen Skipper: Why don't I love thee? [06 Jun 2010|08:03pm]

Okay, so I'm having an issue with my pursuit with Teen Skipper. mainly? That I can't really find one I like. Maybe I'm being ambivalent or overly analytical, but none of them really jump to me like I'd want. Is it... I don't know! I think I look at them in their non stock and I... I'm not sure.

It's odd. I really want to like her, but can't for some reason. The one that I keep coming back to is Yoyo though, with the original not too far behind. Actually, the only ones I out and out love are those, while the Yoyo Dolls are what I consider to be the quintessential Teen Skipper. I definitely remember her clearly: that dress and yoyo action.

The commercial won me over too:

With that cheesey goodness, can you blame me?

Actually, those two are on par with each other, so I'm going to take a chance on Yoyo:


And if I can like her, then I'll get original too, although I saw a really nicely priced one so I might go for her anyway.

Hmm.....Stay tuned!
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Let you go [06 Jun 2010|03:34pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]


Never let it said that I don't know how to be practical. It's with a heavy heart that I do it, but with my need to send all of my sale items, the cable bill and the new SIS sets coming out, I just can't this time. Not to mention, this is in GBP and I'm not sure how to best go after something this high profile without overspending. I need to get better with exchange rates first. It's already at 21 GBP plus another 9 GBP for shipping!

So, beautiful NIB Lilee, not this time. But I'll find one, I know it.

ETA: WHOA Yep, good decision

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